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The Relics Tour

Just came back home after visiting the Maitreya project Heart Shrine Relic Tour. Amazed and appeased and shining in a silent smile. This is how I felt in my mind and how I perceived the outer world after. This is … Continue reading

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Thanks to Nel Anel for sharing 🙂 Когато търсиш сигурност, любов и утеха от партньора си, ставаш слаб и си от получаващата страна. Когато си слаб, тогава в теб се надигат всички негативни емоции, в теб се надигат изисквания. Изискванията … Continue reading

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Today’s Inspirational Bit

I go back reading this again and again just to find reading is never enough… Trying to capture and experience the essence. We are certainly taught to read at school, but what about experiencing? Yet another mind challenge I face … Continue reading

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Let go…

Let go of what has passed… Let go of what may come… Let go of what is happening now… Don’t try to figure anything out… Don’t try to make anything happen… … Relax, right now, and rest. —> Tilopa (988 … Continue reading

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An ode to my Family

Something I wrote for my mom & family but thought could be extended to all my dear friends… So I decided to share it. Hope you enjoy it!Now and any time you need it 🙂Wishes for Love & Joy!

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Cat and Dolphins Playing Together

Check out here 🙂

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