Time to feel just like it should …. Again

Have you ever been taught happiness? Have you ever been instructed of what are the steps to cultivate that homely, fulfilling awareness of ahaa-happy-am-i?

To set it right at start, I am not talking about vague ‘spiritual’ modes or anything material that can be achieved by ‘outside’ means, but a lasting awareness of what is happiness in the first place, what makes you happy and how you can build your lifestyle around that perception.

I certainly haven’t. Neither an school, not so much at home either.

But I’ve been lucky enough to meet my teacher who says “I’m the happiest person I know” and to be able to learn from him. He also says “Everyone wants to be happy, but some use really funny and weird means to get there!” Probably because they have never been taught how to go about that or seen weird, funny and non lasting examples mainly.

Would you agree that at school and home we almost only learn all kind of ‘don’ts’ and stuff about how to understand and behave in the outer world to be safe and look normal?

One thing that has been popping up in my mind very often in the last decade (at least!) is that we should be taught how to be lastingly happy humans who appreciate all gifts of life around us and in ourselves. More than anything else. I truly believe this is the only way to make a change in this world. A lasting one.

Of course keeping yourself and those around you safe, healthy and happy is of utmost importance.

I never felt drawn to drinking, smoking, going to extremes and all that kind of stuff. And I am so thankful for that. I’ve been so very lucky to have a natural vocation for the simple things in life.

Just an example. Have you been in a beautiful garden recently, and looked around just to realize Life is so simple in itself? If there would be drama or waves of disturbing emotions they would have come from a human. A person that isn’t happy and does not know how to become and stay happy. A person that is used to see his/her disturbing emotions appear, play and disappear (with short breaks between waves if he/she’s lucky enough!) and is so much used to stick to that reality.

Like all things genius in life, happiness is a simple thing. And what makes things greater is that it could be learned, it could be cultivated. Just as anything else in life. I know it could. If you choose to. Just as we choose anything else in life. Plus happiness is healthy and contagious but in a healthy way.

There are more plusses: Happiness can only increase by being shared. Nothing will happen to you if you do not share, but we have all experienced it’s so much elevating if you do!

So I made a decision today. I will direct my life towards happiness from now on. I’ve done that before, but as often/ much as it was, it was occasional. I decided that I would go for it consciously and consistently every now and then, and will teach my child by word, confidence and example.

I would encourage all parents to go for that too. Can you imagine a better gift to our children and to the world?

I would not worry – they will learn how to stay safe and normal at school anyway 🙂

Your examples and comments are very welcome. Mine for today: I am overcoming a severe bronchitis (not bad, huh?!), but despite all pain, I am happy and thankful because my husband is taking care of our daughter and because both are good now and because they get along so well together and … and so many more…

I wish everyone of you could have at least one example of an experienced happy person in your life to learn from. On top of all inspiration, that’s something awesomely uplifting and liberating!

If there is no example at your sight, take another look – it might be just that you are the example 🙂


About Did You Smile Today

Just one smile is better than thousand words :-)
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