The Mind Itself

“We just have to remind ourselves that the source for any happiness is the mind itself”- Lama Ole Nidahl

So if we know the ‘source’ it should be easier to imagine our own happiness, model it, create it, and bring it out, Right? And stop go chasing something out there just because it’s perceived as something that brings or creates happiness for somebody else or for people in general.

The difference is like looking at the footprint traces of someone instead of hitting your path with your own feet.

The traces get blown away by the first wind. The road you make yourself is quite more lasting. Do you agree?


About Did You Smile Today

Just one smile is better than thousand words :-)
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2 Responses to The Mind Itself

  1. It can get confusing when we’re trying for happiness I think. Great post. 🙂

Thoughts :-)

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