Fence off!

Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent 2009Come-oooon! I watch this over and over again… a damn good example of human talent for judging around appearance. And buy in covers.

Instinctively -> Instantly -> Cynically -> At first sight ->

What I’m talking about is > Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Susan Boyle

The judges, front panel and audience, all judged right out into the first couple seconds. Cynical indignation was in the air for a while…

Well, the first step is to learn not to show it. But, whoever tried to go beyond that step, appreciate it may take quite a years to cultivate a non-judgmental inner attitude.

Call me if
* Your first thought was “Cool! She’s got guts for a stormy weather!”
* Then after she spoke “Wow, clever babe. She’s got talent to be a comedian!”
* Then when she got into it you were a bit/ or more of a goose-flesh…

But at the end, even after all our 3 fellows said, a big portion of the audience would turn around in their minds stuff like “Huh… Wowwow! Well, she could be a pro… before television” or “Hey, we’ve got radio opera!”

If we are to forget appearance for a sec. It’s true that the more talent you’ve got the more judges around your fence – back to appearance – especially if your fence is not fancy enough.

But it’s also true that you’ve got talent to fence them all off. And stun your village all the way up.

Even if it has to be later than sooner.
But fence off! And stun your village up!

Like she did 🙂

{Kudos Susan! > Check out how Susan goes on} 🙂


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