The living transmission of my Life

Mom-daughter-handsMy 4 year old daughter and I talked about Love last night.

I told her that I love her more and more every day. “The bigger you get, the bigger my love” I continued.

She said: “No mammy, you loved me as much when I was a little baby!”

Then she suddenly asked “Will you still love me when I am not a kid any more, when I grow up?” I said: “Yes sweetie!”

She continued: “Even if I am adult and have kids already?!” I replied “Of course baby! I will love you forever!”

She was completely astonished and I could feel with every cell of my body how awareness is being born in this kid’s mind.

I could not help it – one of those moments when “Joy is coming out of my eyes”…

Every parent has those moments when we can’t help joy coming out of our eyes. The more present we become for our children’s lives, the more of these moments…

We are currently trying to find ways to teach our daughter how the past, present and future work. And our Love – that was and will be – looks something of a constant and a good support system to help her get closer to the concept of time-continuum.

We have to show and teach our children that Love is something of a constant throughout the human continuum, the one thing we could all relay to as the living transmission of Life.

I believe our work as parents will be so much easier and fulfilling if we keep reminding that to ourselves too! Our role as parents would be a success if we show and teach our children that they are totally lovable so they understand and start feeling this in their bones. If we show them and teach them they should treat people in their life as totally lovable.

This is the future I would like to see and I am ready to work for it every day. What about you?


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